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Everyone wants to hire the best people,
but finding them can be difficult.

Too much time and money is spent finding the right professionals, and the benefits of university open days and career fairs just don’t outweigh their costs. Even the best run networking events only generate value if you can get the right people to attend. Partnering with Nova will grant you access to a pre-qualified selection of top talent that perfectly matches your needs.

What we do

We're experts in Employer Branding and Recruitment

Employer Branding

With our employer branding solutions, you can meet pre-qualified and selected top talent in a variety of settings. Use these events to build relationships and strengthen your position as an attractive employer.


We combine 20 years of experience and our network of more than 6500 top talents to find and select the best matches for you.

Some of our clients

At our events

Build relationships

Get to know your future key people.

Share knowledge

Become top-of-mind among Novas by sharing insights.


Pick the brains of top talent and create innovative solutions together.

Novas make an impact

Our members create a large impact wherever they go and drive the change that many organisations are looking for. Each Nova is qualified by measuring 200 data-points in our four-step application process:


  • 50% have five to ten years work experience
  • 50% have a management role
  • 30% speak a third language
  • 10% run their own company
  • 30 industries represented


  • 100% have relevant experience from extracurricular activities
  • 80% have a leadership role, outside of their studies
  • 80% have studied abroad
  • 20% have double degrees
100% share our values

Novas work at companies such as

What's your challenge?

Working with top companies over the last 20 years we've identified a number of common challenges. Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Needle in a haystack

    We get a lot of applications, but the quality isn’t high enough.

  • Lack of exposure

    We are not well known enough to be attractive to the best talent.

  • Passive candidates

    The people we want aren’t looking for a new job.

  • Cultural fit

    We want to attract the best, but it’s hard to find the perfect fit.

  • Unclear outcomes

    We invest in employer branding, but it’s hard to track the outcome.

  • Brand perception

    What people associate us with is not who we really are.

With us you don’t need to meet 1000 people to find the one you’re looking for. We’ve already done the hard work for you, so stop measuring activity and start measuring the outcome.