Why Nova?

Access curated opportunities at top-tier companies, attend inspiring events and connect with an amazing community of talented people worldwide.
  • Boost your career

    As a member, you will have access to exclusive career opportunities and unique information about the companies we partner with.


    • Explore your personal fit with top-tier companies
    • Receive hand picked job opportunities
    • Go behind-the-scenes and get to know the organizations behind the brands
  • Join Exclusive Events

    In person meetings are the most genuine way to share, learn and connect with both companies and other members.


    • Attend member exclusive events and informal meetups
    • Discover new insights and build your professional network
    • Enjoy breakfast meetings, evening events, seminars, and workshops
  • connect with Novas

    Connecting and building your network, long-term and short-term, is a very important part of the modern career.


    • Communicate with over 7000 members in 72 countries
    • Co-create and help each other grow both professionally and personally
    • Find potential partners, investors, employees or employers

The Network

We are a diverse network with members in
72 countries around the world.

Nova members across the globe

A Nova is among the top 5% in its field, has both analytical and social qualities as well as possess the ability to transform complexity into action, with a humble attitude sustained. A Nova member is recognized by traits such as openness, curiosity, passion, dedication, authenticity and ambition. When applying to Nova, we make a holistic assessment and it is important not only possess these traits, but also to prove them through achievements and experiences. Being a Nova member is free of charge, but as a member, you are expected to help other people and organizations reach their goals. A limited amount of memberships are issued in each country on an annual basis.









Novas’ interests

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Finance & Investments
  • Tech & IT
  • Innovation
  • Startups & Entrepreneurship
  • +20 others

Novas’ educational backgrounds

  • Business Administration
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Economics and Finance
  • Management
  • Law
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • +15 others