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EU Commission’s strategy to promote innovation

The European Commission announced, on 24 September 2020, that it had adopted a new digital finance package. Throughout this article, Gonzalo Muelas Gironella, Senior Associate Lawyer at PwC Spain and Nova member since the beginning of the year, analyses the main goals of the strategy found within the Package.
by Nova Talent - Dec 17, 2020

Five Secrets to speaking confidently

This article was published by our member Victoria Okoye, Business Development Associate at eTranzact International PLC, Nigeria.
by Nova Talent - Sep 03, 2020

The perfect gear does not understand egos

This article was published on Nova Connect by our member Veronica Guardia, Cultural Transformation Consultant at Minsait.
by Nova Talent - Sep 03, 2020

Towards an AI just for the elite?

This article was published on Nova Connect by our member Pablo Vicente, Data Scientist at Morgan Stanley.
by Nova Talent - Jul 27, 2020

Re/Up-skilling during the quarantine? You may not be learning what companies are really looking for

We have all the tendency to postpone learning and skill development until that moment in the future when we “have more time”. With all the terrible negative consequences that COVID-19 crisis is having all over the world, one of the few positive ones is that the moment for re-skilling or up-skilling has finally come and we lack excuses for not do...
by Ramón Rodrigáñez - Jul 20, 2020

Talent Retention: how Data and Algorithms can help you with the biggest challenge of HR

The technological disruption our society experiences impacts many areas of our lives, from our daily habits to the way we travel or communicate ourselves. At work, the behavior of new generations towards employment is perhaps one of the clearest examples of this impact.
by Ramón Rodrigáñez - Jul 20, 2020

F(h)iring in recession times — Be an Ant, not a Grasshopper (2/3)

In the first article of “F(h)iring in recession” series, “What brought you here, won’t bring you there”, I covered the challenges of keeping in mind the future business needs of the company when firing and hiring talent during this recession time.
by Andrea Marino - Jul 15, 2020

F(h)iring in recession times — Who has brought you here won’t bring you there (1/3)

Whether as a leader at your company you’re thinking about hiring or firing talent in the midst of the pandemic, chances are that you are feeling pressure and an overall sense of urgency that is leaving little time for strategic considerations and in-depth assessment.
by Andrea Marino - Jul 15, 2020
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