We are currently helping the Kinnevik Group find a new corporate associate to join the Stockholm team and when we discussed profiles and what an employee could expect from working at Kinnevik, we saw that this wasn’t like other companies. Working at Kinnevik can literally take you from M&A in the Nordics to startups in Africa. To learn more about what it’s like at Kinnevik, we contacted one of their current employees, Emma Bergstrand, for a quick interview. Enjoy!

Emma, we’ll start with a classic: In one sentence, how would you describe your time at Kinnevik?

Kinnevik has offered me constantly new challenges and no end to the possibilities.

And what has your journey at Kinnevik looked like so far?

I started in the Kinnevik Group as a Management Trainee at MTG in 2009. Since then I have worked with M&A within the media sector, business controlling within one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the Nordics, internet start-ups in Africa and South America and now, during the last couple of years, with corporate finance and investments from the Stockholm office on Skeppsbron. It might not be a very planned journey but I have been able to move from one exciting opportunity to another! 

Out of all the exciting things you’ve done, what do you consider the most exciting project/investment that you’ve worked on?

Traveling to countries like Rwanda, Chad, and Honduras to look at internet start-ups and 3G towers was more exciting than I ever could have imagined, but also very demanding. Another very exciting project, in a completely different sense, was last year when I worked on the Tele2 and Com Hem merger.

How would you describe your role?

The title Corporate Finance Manager only describes about 25% of what I do. As we are a relatively small team you get to work within a lot of different areas. In the team I work we do everything from valuations of unlisted assets, leading the production of board materials, and portfolio company deep-dives, to setting up bank financing and lots and lots more.

What’s your background? And what made you interested in joining Kinnevik?

Ever since I started studying at the Stockholm School of Economics I have had a special interest in the Kinnevik Group. And then, 10 years ago, when Cristina Stenbeck came and held a presentation at our school and compared Kinnevik to Manchester United I knew I had to apply. There was something special about the Kinnevik culture that I knew that I would love.

And finally, how would you describe the culture at Kinnevik, who would fit in in the office?

For me, Kinnevik is a company where we work hard but have fun doing it. We are bold, take calculated risks and invest in people we believe in. So if you like changes and are willing to work hard, Kinnevik will offer you greater opportunities to develop than anywhere else. At least it has for me!


There you have it, a glimpse of what working at Kinnevik could be like. If you think you’d be a great corporate associate at this unique and exciting company, make sure to apply before the 17th of June!