In this “age of information”, and our almost instantaneous access to the combined knowledge of the world – we rarely make uninformed decisions. If we are considering holiday destinations, we look it up. If we want to what the best sallad bar near the office is, we look it up. So why would it be different when we’re considering an employer?

It obviously isn’t.

In fact, in a study done by indeed, 84% of job seekers aged 25-34 said they’d automatically distrust a company with no information. This does, however, not mean that simply having a LinkedIn page is enough. What you have on it can determine your recruitment success; because in the same study 95% of respondents also said insight into company reputation is important when considering a job opportunity.[1] The culture and expectations surrounding job search have changed forever. We expect more. More information, more transparency, more stories.

Enter employer branding, the discipline catering to this new culture – and expectations.

Working to attract and retain talent by telling companies’ stories and using a wide set of tools, Employer Branding is now one of the key factors for company success.[2] So, the days of just posting job ads are over and potential employees are now viewing your jobs in context. Now it’s providing rich online information about the experience of working at your company that is essential to building trust and getting applications.

LinkedIn is the current platform leader in this area. With over 18 million users, it’s the place for company reputation, presentation, and information. But what should you put there? What in your company is worth highlighting? What stories should you be telling? What do people actually want to know? Hard question to answer.

Luckily, we at Nova have the Nordics biggest network of top talent to ask.

And this is one of the things we help our clients with. By being able to compare how top performers at a company see their employer, versus how top performers at rival companies see them, we help our clients with finding exactly what their desired talent want. And how our clients can attract them. Giving them an informational-advantage, helping increase company profit, and employee retention.[3]

Now we won’t share everything the Novas said, that’s for our clients ears only, but the key takeaway is that your employer brand must reflect your company, the business, and the culture. Go beyond cliches of Foosball tables and taco Tuesday, show what it’s actually like working there. This will attract the right people, those who fit at the company. Those who stay at the company.

Do this by focusing on compelling stories — real stories of how you make a difference and why your culture is unique. Spotlight how you enable employees to fulfill their own goals and aspirations. Top talent pick and choose between offers, show what more that just a salary you have to offer. Show why they should choose you.



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