At every Nova Forum, the Nordics biggest top-talent student event, the attendees vote on which of the company representatives they found most inspiring. At this years Nova Forum – September 25th – Sanna Rosell from Acando was one of the winners, so we thought we’d have a quick chat with her about the award, Acando’s view on the Forum, and how it feels to win.

We’ll start with the most important question of them all: who is Sanna Rosell? 

I am a human-loving Recruitment and Employer Branding Specialist with a burning passion for what I do! I feel very blessed to have the privilege to work with something that I am so passionate about and to be representing a company with such great values and colleagues.

How does it feel to be one of this year’s most inspiring company representatives? 

I am so happy! It is extra cool and humbling that it was Novas who choose me, I feel deeply honored.

Why do you think you won? 

I think I won because I am so passionate about what I do.
If you love what you do then that feeling and your joy will transmit to everyone in the room. In addition to that, I represent a company with a very inspiring culture that people were able to tap into during our workshops.

Why is Acando at the Nova Forum? 

It is a very rewarding and inspiring day for us at Acando.  We take it seriously and work very hard to recruit the best people in the market and to develop and accelerate those talents within our Trainee Program. At the Nova Forum, we always meet amazing people and talents who are potential future Acando colleagues!

How do you prepare?

We always try to find concepts for our workshops that represent us as a company and where our culture shines through. Since we at Acando constantly work to be exceptional when it comes to delivering in teams, we have a lot of fun and good exercises in our toolbox that we take inspiration from when preparing for the Nova Forum.

What’s your tip for getting the most out of a Nova Forum?

Be open-minded and try to meet as many different companies and business representatives as possible. My main tip would be to look for the company that makes you feel like you’ve found a place where you want to be, with people that you want to surround yourself with, people that you feel happy and safe around. Because that is the place where you will develop most and have the greatest success.

And finally, what’s your best memory from Nova Forum?

It must be all the encounters I had with fantastic people during the day – and of course, to be honored with this award! 😊