Nova, the global top talent network was established in
Stockholm in 1997. We're dedicated to enabling individuals and
companies achieve real and positive change.

Nova was founded to challenge the status quo on who is considered top talent. A holistic evaluation framework was designed in collaboration with Sweden’s most innovative companies, and an annual top list was launched in partnership with major media outlets – referred to as “Nova 100”. Novas were regarded as rising stars – people who shine a little bit brighter than their surroundings, and who are building up the energy to change the game. Naturally, companies wanted access to the alumni of Nova 100, and the Nova network was born.

Fast forward to 2018, and we have taken this concept to the next level; we measure 200 data points on each of our applicants and have raised the bar to create a truly vibrant global network for top talent. In order to maintain a healthy engagement level, a limited amount of memberships are issued on an annual basis.


We are always ready to share our knowledge and experiences with one another because of our genuine desire to achieve real and positive change.


We love what we do and are constantly driven by the vision of building connections to enable change. We believe in the power of collaboration and want to build a community that is optimistic, fun and energizing.


We work with the highest standards and are continually raising the bar and driving teams to deliver high quality services. Our brand and reputation depend on us being the best at everything we do


We value raw talent and want to build a trusted community, regardless of an individual’s background or preferences. We are always true to ourselves and others.


We want to keep learning and expanding our ideas and thoughts. This makes us open to new and diverse opinions and new ways of thinking that challenge our comfort zone.


Our commitment to helping one another keeps us focused on building a community of diverse and driven individuals. We do this by staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge and innovation trends within our fields.